About Us



Our business is founded on Family! We are a husband and wife team who wanted to bring space for local dealers to showcase their antique treasures. Don't be surprised if you come in and find our children or grandchildren in the store because family is what it's all about!

Our Store


Keeping with the theme of vintage, our building was built in 1924. It has been through a fire but was refurbished and has housed furniture since its inception. We thought it was only perfect to place our Swappers Antique Market in one of the original buildings in Kalispell. It may be vintage but we are keeping it Forever Valuable!

Our Dealers


Our Dealers love what they do!  They take pride in their treasures and hope someone comes along who will love them just as much. Not everyone has the ability or time to search high and low for treasure hidden deep within our history, but our dealers live for it so they can bring it to you. Our motto: Keeping Vintage Forever Valuable

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