About Us @ Pain ReLeaf Junction

About Pain ReLeaf Junction

We at Pain ReLeaf Junction know the CBD world can be confusing. This is why we are partnering with reputable manufacturing companies to bring you the most trusted brands. 

While we are not a manufacturing company, we are a trusted small business located in the United States who will strive to ensure we are bringing you the most trusted and safe CBD brands on the market.  This means we will always offer you a certificate of analysis for any CBD product so that you know the ingredients and purity of the product you are receiving. 

CBD is Legal in all States

The most asked question is - is this legal. Rest assured we will only provide products that are legal within the United States. This means that the products you are selecting will have a .3% THC level or less - some being THC Free!  


We know you have a choice to purchase your product anywhere you would like - be it your local dispensary, vape shop or online CBD manufacturing company or store. So why buy from us?  You matter to us and we will work for you. In addition to offering a single location to purchase different reputable brands, we will offer assistance where we can including trying to clear the pathway to the CBD confusion. We will scour the web to bring you the latest and greatest information.  Watch our Blog Posts as we begin adding them to steer you along the way. We will always treat you with respect and fairness - you will come to trust us!  

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