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From the Field

Caring ~ Why Ethical Tea Matters

From the Field

When it comes to tea, the Tea Farm your leaves come from, is essential.  The flavor of tea starts with the tea farm.  From where it is harvested to how.  From the tiniest leaf to the largest berry, we care what your tea tastes like. This is why we take pride in making sure we choose tea which comes from farms where everything from the seed to the packing of the tea leaves requires delicate attention. The formation of tea is more than just drying out the leaf, herbs or fruit. 

Tea must be handpicked to preserve the exotic flavors, oxidized to perfection and allowed to dry with deliberate distinction.

We care about old world techniques but understand new world innovations bring about all the difference in a great tea!

Leavez Unlimited To Your Cup

To Your Cup

Caring ~ Why Ethical Tea Matters

From the Field

When tea is treated like an actual plant and not a commodity, what you get is an exquisite texture and aroma that begs to be announced. What you put in your cup is just as important to us as it is to you. 

Steeping tea comes in many forms from the loose leaf product to the tea packaged up in a sachet. Whatever your method of steeping, we've got you covered with a great tasting, non bitter tea.

Whether you prefer an old fashioned green tea or the robust flavors of fruit bursting on your tongue, loose leaf tea aim's to please. 

A great leaf provides a great tasting tea and a great tasting tea brings on great conversation.

Leavez Unlimited Ethical Tea

Caring ~ Why Ethical Tea Matters

Caring ~ Why Ethical Tea Matters

Caring ~ Why Ethical Tea Matters

 Behind every cup of tea is a process and a story. Tea is not a publicly traded commodity like coffee. This means Fairtrade rules do not apply to tea.  However, the tea industry still needs oversight to ensure it is operating ethically.

The entire tea process, from the tea farm workers, to the tea processors is important to us. 

This is why we strive to only offer tea where everyone works together to create a shared responsibility for higher standards and social responsibility when it comes to the production, packing, and supplying of tea.

Our company goes all out to guarantee you receive a final product which comes from ethical producers.

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